Simbae Pet Sanitiser Spray – Use on cat and dog’s favourite spot

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Simbae Pet Sanitiser.

Available in Spring Green and Country Grove scents.

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Use Simbae Pet Sanitiser Spray to disinfect your pet’s favourite spot. It is simple to use, acts quickly and is easy to rinse.



  • Safe to be used around dogs & cats
  • Effectively remove bacteria and dirt from surfaces
  • Uses fresh scents from natural ingredients.


Simbae Pet Sanitiser Spray is available in the following scents:

Spring Green – This has an intermingling of floral aromas of Lavender, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Violets.

Country Grove – flowery aroma of Lavender, Geranium Neroli, and Green Leaves blended with Lemon, Apple and Mango, built on warm notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood. A refreshing floral concoction.


Directions for use: Simply spray the sanitiser onto a surface and then leave to penetrate for up to 2 minutes. Then wipe down with a dry cloth for long lasting sanitising protection. Suitable for all surfaces.

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