Lishinu Retractable Dog Lead. Hands free.

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This 3m Lishinu retractable dog lead allows you to keep both hands free by strapping on to your wrist. Available in 6 standard colours.

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Lishinu Retractable Dog Lead fastens around your wrist allowing you to keep both hands free. This dog leash comes with 3 metres of retractable lead. Tested with dogs that weigh up to 30kg and made from extra strong skydiving cord. Lishinu Retractable Dog Lead takes away the need for a button by enabling the auto-locking mechanism to be operated using simple movements of your hand and arm. If you dog pulls suddenly on the lead it will lock. Simple tasks remain easy with the Lishinu retractable dog lead as it enables you to control your dog while still using both of your hands for tasks such as carrying bags, opening doors or tying shoes. At the end of the retractable lead is a handle that allows you to quickly convert to a short lead and bring your dog close to you for safety.


Lishinu Retractable Dog Lead Key features

    • Used to strap on wrist, as a traditional hand lead or short lead (50cm)
    • Pronounced leash in you.
    • 3 metres long retractable dog lead.
    • Compact and durable housing for the auto-locking system
    • Extremely strong Skydiving cord
    • Great for jogging with your dog
    • This is not suitable for dogs that pull
    • Easy to use Auto-locking mechanism
    • Straps comfortably around the wrist using Velcro and soft neoprene, freeing both hands
    • Wear on the left or right wrist
    • Adjustable buckle on wrist strap allow fitting to all size wrists
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • A quick release device allows you to remove from you wrist quickly if required
    • Please read the safety/operating instructions before use.
    • The compact Lishinu is made from metal, durable plastic and stainless steel
    • Lead is available in 6 colours


Training Tip for the Lishinu retractable dog lead

This lead can also be used as a training device as the dog will associate the mechanisms locking sound with a “do not” command and so create a training behaviour.

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